3 Reasons Why CBD Cocktails Improve the Luxury Hotel Guest Experience

3 Reasons Why CBD Cocktails Improve the Luxury Hotel Guest Experience

I travel a lot for work and the constant on-the-go routine and long flights leave me feeling exhausted. Recently, I got to my hotel room already ready to fall asleep but I didn’t want to rely on an alcoholic cocktail because I had a busy day of meetings ahead of me. So, I had a CBD tincture and was able to drift off to sleep. The next morning I felt refreshed and ready for my busy day. I’ve been utilizing CBD more frequently to relax and get the sleep that I need when I’m traveling.

This story helps to showcase the need for CBD products to be available in hotels. Travelers choose to book stays at luxury hotels because they tend to be more comfortable, offer added conveniences, and go out of the way to please. If you want to make your luxury hotel more inviting, and want to get more bookings, you must consider the offerings and amenities that are available to your guests. There are always ways to enhance the hospitality experience for people who choose to book a stay at your hotel. 

For example, instead of only serving alcoholic cocktails, you may want to consider adding CBD cocktails to your beverage program, too. These drinks are available ready-to-sip for added convenience. Keep reading to see how CBD cocktails can improve the luxury hotels guest experience:

Meet the Growing Needs of Consumers

The needs of consumers are ever-changing. It’s essential to keep up to date so that you can anticipate what your guests may want or need while they stay at your luxury hotel. Some guests may have yet to try CBD products and want to have the chance to do so. You can make that possible by having CBD cocktails available for room service via concierge or at your hotel restaurants and bars. For guests who already regularly use CBD products, this is yet another way to make their stay more convenient because they don’t need to go out of their way to find CBD products in the local area.

It’s clear that CBD is of big interest to consumers—Forbes notes that CBD sales are projected to surpass $20 billion by 2024. Plus, many luxury hotels are already getting in on the action. Merry Jane discusses how and why hotels like The James New York, The Standard, and Hollywood Roosevelt are offering CBD products. 

Offer Memorable Experiences

Most guests like to take part in memorable experiences. By serving up CBD drinks, you can make it easy for your guests to try something new. They don’t have to leave the hotel to take part in a fun activity. Some of your guests may have tried CBD in the past, but they crave a new way of consuming it. CBD cocktails are a fun and different way to experience CBD, and it may be something that they come to love. You can offer CBD cocktails for purchase, and you can even create other hotel-based experiences, like a CBD tasting experience or outline CBD cocktail pairings on the dinner menu. These efforts will improve the guest experience and it will help you improve your customer service.

It’s a Good Alternative for Those Who Don’t Want to Drink

While alcoholic beverages may be a popular choice for many, some guests may not be drinkers or may not be in the mood for a boozy beverage during their trip. In these situations, it can be helpful to have mocktails available. CBD cocktails come in different flavors, so this can be an excellent alternative to offer. It will be a bit more exciting than a glass of water or soda water. Plus, some guests may feel more at ease with what looks like a cocktail in their hands, if they’re meeting at the hotel with friends or colleagues. With cocktail names like “Mellow Mule” and “OG Tonic,” who wouldn’t want to give these drinks a try? 

Give Travelers a Chance to Relax After a Busy Day

For your guests who plan to do a lot of exploring, or who have traveled far to get to your hotel, they may be especially exhausted or may be feeling overwhelmed. It can be a challenge to wind down after a long day, and it can be even harder to relax and fall asleep when adjusting to a new environment. You can make it easier for your guests to relax. Consumer Reports notes that CBD can be an “alternative natural method to help calm anxious thoughts that often delay or interrupt natural sleep.”

Adding CBD cocktails to your food & beverage offerings is a great way to stand out from other hotel competitors, meet the growing needs of travelers, and keep up with current trends. Your guests are sure to remember their first CBD cocktail experience long after they leave your hotel. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of incorporating CBD cocktails into the guest experience, reach out to Sweet Crude.

Natasha is a freelance writer and frequent traveler. She loves writing about luxury travel, travel tips, travel hacks, and health and wellness topics.

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