3 Things We’re Enjoying Chilled This February

3 Things We’re Enjoying Chilled This February

Enjoy. Chilled. We exclaim it on our packaging, and we really mean it. We hope you enjoy Sweet Crude chilled. Here are a few things I recommend pairing one of our CBD cocktails with this month for relaxing, gooood times.

Portrait of Frank Zappa

1. Zappa, The Documentary

This documentary is a celebration of an incredible and complex life and musical career. Frank Zappa, folks. I didn’t know much about him before watching this documentary, and woooh, I am blown away by the level of creativity, genius, and courage wrapped up into this one human being. Zappa pushed every boundary, and fought hard for the freedom of speech.

Brene Brown's podcasts available on Spotify

2. Unlocking Us, Brené Brown’s Podcast

Someone recently asked me which #girlboss I’ve been most inspired by since starting Sweet Crude, and Brené Brown was the obvious answer. Unlocking Us, Brené’s podcast, has been a guide post for me throughout the pandemic. Highly recommended.

The Entry To Hey Bartender, the first virtual bar.

3. Hey Bartender, The First Virtual Bar

We did a virtual cocktail making class at Hey Bartender last month, mixing drinks using Sweet Crude and a few simple, fresh ingredients. Oh boy, did our virtual bartender, Thomas Spaeth (@countnegroni) lead us in the right direction or what. This virtual happy hour was so enjoyable and uplifting, from dancing to Lizzo as we entered the “bar” to learning about “slapping your garnishes.” I can’t wait to do this again soon.

Enjoy. Chilled.

And, email me, with any suggestions of shows, podcasts, movies, recipes, anything at all that you think we’ll enjoy alongside a Sweet Crude.

Talia is the founder of Sweet Crude. Talia lives in Austin, Texas, and enjoys eating her way through the myriad of food trucks bedazzling this fine city.

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