4 Terpenes to Improve Your Wellness Routine Today

4 Terpenes to Improve Your Wellness Routine Today

If CBD was the buzzword of 2019, then terpenes are where it’s at in 2020. Everybody should know what terpenes are because absolutely everybody can benefit from them on the daily. Yes, that’s right EVERYBODY, including grandma.

Guess what? You’re probably already using terpenes and don’t even know it. Have you ever squeezed a lime wedge into your drink, and had that invigorating breath of excitement, or used lavender hand lotion and immediately felt your shoulders relax? 

So, What Are Terpenes?

‘Terpene’ is a serious sounding word for aromatic oils or, more scientifically speaking, organic compounds with distinct and strong aromas.  Over 20,000 terpenes can be found in nature. Some plants, like cannabis, contain over 100 different terpenes, creating complex fragrance profiles. Their presence can often trigger particular emotions, like calmness or euphoria, when smelled by an individual, and scientific studies are researching the possible health benefits of essential oils from healing burns to treating anxiety to alleviating nausea


Pinene, pronounced PIE-neen, is one of the most commonly found terpenes in nature. Picture yourself on a morning hike through the woods. Not only do the pine needles crunch satisfyingly beneath your feet, but also fill your lungs with an earthy green aroma funky with sap . That’s pinene. You may also associate the pinene terpene profile with Christmas, cannabis, or even rosemary. Beyond its ability to make you breathe deeply and clearly with fresh mountain air, some are studying pinene’s potential benefits to relieve pain and anxiety.

Pinene from Conifer Trees


Limonene, pronounced LIM-o-neen, might very well be the terpene that you’re already experiencing on a daily basis. Picture yourself squeezing a wedge of lemon into a glass of sparkling water. You smell and taste that citrusy vapor as it settles into your glass. You got it, that’s limonene. Limonene can be found in other citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and limes. This refreshing terpene may quickly lift your spirits and provide stress relief; it also has potential anti-bacterial and anti-fungal capabilities. 

Limonene from Lemons


Myrcene, pronounced MUR-seen, is the terpene most closely associated with the cannabis plant, but it’s also found in some other surprising flora, such as hops and mangoes. Picture yourself about to take a sip of an IPA or cutting up a juicy mango. That fruity, peppery musk smacks you in the face. Yep, that would be myrcene.  Not only do some believe it to serve as a sleep aid and anti-inflammatory, but there are also some very interesting studies underway looking into myrcene’s potential anti-mutagenic properties, preventing DNA mutations.  

Myrcene from Mangoes


Linalool, pronounced LIN-uh-lool, is one terpene with a very powerful body-mind connection. It’s most notably found in the lavender plant, but can also be found in birch trees and even cinnamon. Inhaling the scent of lavender, maybe at the spa or the end of a yoga class, your brain immediately recognizes it as a soothing queue, and your muscles follow suit with a relaxing sigh of relief. Ah, yes. That’s linalool. Many study its potential therapeutic ability to reduce stress

Linalool from Lavender

How Can Terpenes Improve My Life?

You can easily incorporate the use of terpenes into your daily life and reap the physical and emotional rewards. There are many ways of using terpenes

  • Aromatherapy with essential oils: Diffusing your space with them or using them as a perfume.
  • Food & Drink: from squeezing a lemon into water to sipping a Sweet Crude CBD cocktail infused with terpenes like Pineapple Express and Lime OG
  • Full Spectrum CBD and Cannabis Products: smoking flower or using a full-spectrum CBD tincture (We love this one from Lord Jones.)

Terpenes can powerfully aid your wellness routine, as a completely natural source of energy and relaxation. 

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