Sweet Saver (Multi-Pack)


Can’t decide between OG Tonic and Mellow Mule? No worries. We got you.


What’s in the Sweet Saver?

OG Tonic (4 x 250ml Cans) & Mellow Mule (4 x 250ml Cans)


OG Tonic: Sporting a well-coiffed hipster beard and brooding green eyes, this is the cool older cousin of a Gin and Tonic. Picture a gin basket loaded with juniper, angelica, cardamom, coriander, and lime zest finish mingled with custom-crafted bitters.


Mellow Mule: Zesty ginger gone south to the jungle. A whopping ginger heat surrounded by bright juicy tropical fruit grown from that earthy jungle floor mingled with fresh cut green mint.


Sweet Crude CBD Cocktails are non-alcoholic and infused with domestically sourced hemp extract and natural terpenes.

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CBD Infused Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic)

Quantity: 8 x 250ml Cans (4 x Mellow Mule & 4 x OG Tonic)

CBD Dose: 20 mg CBD

Drinking Options: Enjoy chilled or over ice

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