Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Improve Productivity & Profit of Restaurants & Bars

Ready-To-Drink Cans Expertly Paired with a Tasting Menu at Mission Chinese Food

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Improve Productivity & Profit of Restaurants & Bars

At the end of a long day, some people need a cocktail as bad as Don Draper pitching a marketing idea for Life cereal. If you pour it, they will come.

Then there are your discerning patrons who turn their noses up at ready-to-drink cocktails because they want something “craft.” From a manager’s perspective, the term “craft cocktail” often means “the drink that makes my labor costs outrageous.”

What if you could make your ready-to-drink cocktails as appealing as your craft options? Then, you could charge close to the same price without forcing your bartenders to spend a lot of time muddling herbs and mixing five liquors.

With a little effort, you can turn ready-to-drink cocktails into appealing options that people will order all night. You just have to get creative… or cheat by following these ideas from creative bartenders.

Take Advantage of Wait Times With Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

When restaurant and bar wait times get long, you can get ready-to-drink cocktails into customer hands quickly. The advantages of serving ready-to-drink cocktails during long wait times include:

  • Giving your bartenders easy orders so they can get drinks out ASAP.
  • Handing drinks to guests before they get seated (disappointing to wait for your table and your drink).
  • A visible trough filled with ready-to-drink cocktails will entice more guests to order drinks before seated, increasing your overall beverage revenue.

Booze Your Own Adventure Flights

Breweries don’t have a monopoly on drink flights (some people call them “samplers”). Cocktail flights give your customers an opportunity to enjoy small amounts of several drinks. It turns drinking into a kind of “booze your own adventure” story.

You may decide to let patrons choose any drinks on your menu, or you can create a special flight menu to enhance your beverage program.

Make sure that your cocktail flight menu includes a fun description of your ready-to-drink cocktails. When you have a great description, people will order the cocktail.

Flights also give customers permission to try things that they would usually avoid. The woman in the fur shawl might not usually ask for a ready-to-pour cocktail, but she might feel tempted to try it as part of a four-drink sampler.

Add Some Instagram-Ready Garnishes

Why should alcohol always hog the spotlight? Garnishes often take a drink to the next level, and make it “insta-worthy” for your guests. Market your ready-to-drink menu options with some creative posts of the drink prepared with eye-catching garnishes.

You can go way beyond dropping a few olives or lime wedge. Go all out with garnishes like:

  • Star anise
  • Candied ginger
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Blood orange slices

You can also add edible flowers like bee balm, chrysanthemum, and cornflower. Even if the flowers don’t have much flavor, the burst of color will make your drinks more attractive.

With the low-labor addition of an Instagram-able garnish, you are now in craft territory, and you can price according.

Food and Beverage Pairings

Some foods and beverages go together like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. When you recommend pairing some of your restaurant’s dishes with ready-to-pour cocktails, customers won’t think twice about ordering the drink.

For instance, the bright and bitter flavor profile of OG Tonic from Sweet Crude perfectly pairs with something spicy, like carnitas tacos with habanero salsa.

Sit down with your staff some night, share food and drinks, and talk about which pairings you should add to the menu. You can even create a special menu that pairs with the entire product line of a Ready-To-Drink brand, like Mission Chinese Food did with AriZona Iced Tea.

Make your ready-to-drink cocktails irresistible by committing to garnishes, pairings, and speediness that will wow your guests. If you’d like to learn more about adding Sweet Crude’s Ready-To-Sip CBD Cocktails to your menu, click here.

Matthew Thompson is a writer and cook at Flora Kitchenette, a vegan bakery and brunch spot in Louisville, KY.

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